Flashlight & Pry-Bar

in One

Flashlight & Pry-bar in One

With a flashlight on one end and a tiny pry bar on the other, they combine into one essential tool. Always there, never in the way.

Anti-Bacterial Titanium Utensil Multi-Tool

Titanium Multi Utensil

The most useful camping utensil. Cook & Eat you just need one. Made from pure titanium weighing just 1oz, but do more.
The only camping utensil you’ll ever need. Cut, chop, cook, and eat.

Flashlight & Pry Bar

in One

Light & Pry Bar in One 

Ever walking home in the dark?  Thirsty for a non-twist bottle? Can't find your phone?  Have a loose screw or just need a light that you can hang anywhere easily?  HUNT23 is the tool for you!

The world's coolest

UV Flashlight

 The World's Coolest EDC Titanium UV Flashlight

HUNT22 is the toughest and smallest UV flashlight you've ever seen; finger-sized yet with maximum durability and the strongest light beam in any product this size. 

The world's first

Ti Chopsticks

The World's First Collapsible Titanium Chopsticks

One Pair with 2 Size options! Easy and fast to collapse to short-length 4" for carrying, or assemble to full-length 7" for usage, weights only 20 grams. The smart clip keeps the chopsticks clean from dust and bacteria, what‘s more, it acts as the rest when in use!

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