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The Interchangeable
Coin-Sized Compass


The Interchangeable Coin-Sized Compass

Compact and Mighty - Your Reliable Path Finder. Crafted from Solid Brass or Grade 5 Titanium with IPX8 Waterproof Rating.

Small Yet Might
Keychain Compass

Septem's mini compass, tucked in a pocket or on a keychain, becomes an invaluable ally in emergencies. 


Versatile Keychain Design

With its versatile keychain design, you can easily attach Path-22 to your keys, zippers, backpacks, or any other gear, ensuring that it's always within reach to guide you through any adventure with confidence and ease.

Super Durable

 With exceptional durability, it can withstand the toughest outdoor conditions, remaining unbreakable and dependable even in the harshest environments. 


Innovative Design

Compasses serve as essential navigation tools for pinpointing directions and come in two distinct varieties: liquid-filled and air-filled. Path-22's innovative design allows you to customize your compass to your exact needs. 

How it Work?

Path-22's interchangeable and replaceable compass core lets you choose between liquid-filled or air-filled options, and switch it out yourself depending on your personal preferences or environmental conditions. 


Luminous Dial

Equipped with a luminous dial, you can continue your adventures long after the sun sets, confidently exploring even in low-light conditions.


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