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The Rechargeable Multi-Function

EDC Flashlight


The World's Coolest Rechargeable Flashlight Tool

Small, powerful, and compact, with a flashlight on one end and a tiny pry bar on the other. Light your way. Open anything.


Flashlight & Pry Bar
In One

An extremely portable, pocket-sized tool that comprises multi-function pry-bar and rechargeable flashlight

Always There
Never in the Way

Crafted from premium quality titanium, the keychain design allows you to attach your flashlight to almost anything. Keys, zippers, backpacks, and more, you’ll always have it on hand to light your way.


Light Everything
Three LED Color Options

HUNT5.0 is a brilliant flashlight and EDC companion in one. But where we’ve really upped the game is with the light options you now have available.

The Mini Pry Bar

Light-duty prying—open those sticky can lids
Opening taped boxes
Scoring materials
Works as a flat-head screwdriver
Opening bottle caps, wherever you are
Won’t damage products inside packages.
Keep Your Hands Clean


Made from Titanium And Built To Last

Testing has proven that our flashlight is virtually indestructible. It's definitely a LIFETIME use body!

20 / 120 LUMEN

By using industry-leading emitters, CREE XP-G3 LED,  this tiny flashlight provides incredible brightness up to 100 lumen. Light up everything and take it anywhere.


1W / 2W

The Explorer is a compact EDC UV light that’s perfect for verifying currency and ID, or protecting yourself with germ and fluid detection. Stay safe, and uncover a hidden world.

18 / 80 LUMEN

The Survivor is designed to help you operate stealthily in the dark. Soft red lighting allows the human eye to keep your pupils dilated, retaining and boosting your ability to see in low light conditions. Perfect for stargazing, navigation, and reading at night.


Fast Charging
in 1 Hour

Equipped with the ternary lithium battery, this titanium flashlight provides longer battery life and faster charging with a USB Type-C port to power your every adventure.the HUNT5.0 can be fully charged in just 1 hour.

Two finish titanium options

Matt and Polished. 



WHITE Power Output: 20 / 120LUMEN
Low / High Runtime: 10h / 2h

RED Power Output: 18 / 80LUMEN
Low / High Runtime: 10h / 1.5h

UV Power Output: 1W / 2W
Low / High Runtime: 10h / 1h



BATTERY: 10180(100mAH)
Charge Time: 1h

Grade 5 Titanium Body

Dimension: 16.2x55 mm

Weight: 0.9 oz

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