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The Modular
Coin-Sized Compass


The Modular,
Interchangeable Coin-Sized Compass

Keychain & Wrist Base, Air or Liquid-Filled Core, All-in-One. The Navigator Redefined for Every Adventure.


Ultimate Modular Compass

The most ultimate modular compass ever conceived! Secure it to your keyring as a guiding beacon, or attach it to your watch strap, syncing with each moment.

Keychain &
Wrist Base

Tailored for the outdoor enthusiast, Path-24 is the epitome of adaptability, offering two interchangeable bases—a keychain and a wrist base—for unparalleled versatility.  


Air or Liquid
Filled Core

Dual-Core Navigation. You can choose from a liquid-filled or air-filled core to start, with easy interchangeability for adaptability to any adventure. 

Coin-Sized Freedom

This compact powerhouse defies its size, offering full navigational capabilities in a coin-sized gadget. 


Robust, Luminous, Unfailing

Crafted from solid brass or Grade 5 titanium and featuring an IPX8 waterproof rating, its robust construction ensures durability for all your adventures. It survives—rain or shine, dust or mud.

Titanium & Brass EDC

Effortlessly attaching to your keyring, watch, or gear. Its sleek and practical integration, ideal for everyday use or exploration, ensures you navigate with ease and sophistication.


Welcome Aboard, Trailblazers!

We forge talismans for the souls of adventurers, for those who feel the wilderness pulsing in their heartbeat.


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