World's First Collapsible Titanium Chopsticks

Titanium chopsticks

Environmentally friendly, easy to carry, seamless to use and clean......Most important it should be sleek and cool. 


Compact and Collapsible.gif

Compact and Collapsible

Collapsible design keep the chopsticks clean from dust and bacteria, what's more, the cap is also designed as the chopsticks' rest while in use.

easy to carry

The new chopsticks, ever easy to carry. No need for extra bag, case or elegant box. 

Perfect for street food and lunch.gif
Easier to pick up a bit and a sup..gif

Easy to pick up

Easier to pick up a bit and a sup.


 It can withstand extreme heat and cold.



Chopsticks will not be damaged after being crushed by the car.

The Revolution of Chopsticks 

As a symbolic utensil invented from the eastern culture thousand years ago, chopsticks have been designed as a perfect way of picking up foods. But traditional wooden chopsticks are indeed harmful to our environment and our bodies.

The Revolution of Chopsticks.gif
think about it

Every year 3 billion trees are cut down  for the purpose of making chopsticks? 
Be careful!Bacteria can hide in wooden chopsticks. 
The leftover from the chemical would stay inside the chopstick until we use them.

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